Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mister Rogers

I've been thinking about Fred Rogers these days. A number of years ago, he came to my studio and filmed a segment of an episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood. It was an honor to work with him and to appear on his TV show. The way he spoke to children was so calm and kind and respectful. I am so glad that his work is being made available now on the PBS web site and am delighted that an excerpt of us reading my book From Head to Toe together is included as one of the site's 40 video clips. I hope you will enjoy watching!

On Thursday, November 5, Fred Rogers will be remembered and honored at the dedication and unveiling of the "Tribute to Children" statue in Pittsburgh, the city where he lived and worked. For more information, please visit
Family Communications web site

I will always remember Fred with great fondness and admiration.


  1. Eric Carle!!!! You are one of my favorite authors!!!! I used to be a kindergarten teacher and am now the director of a preschool. My kiddos know you well and know you are my fave author! In fact, one of them gave me an autographed copy of a poster you once did for the White House Easter Egg hunt/roll! You are an inspiration!!!!

  2. i love this blog post. i have always loved mr. rogers as well, and the two of you together is just amazing. thank you for the pbs link/info.

    -with love, from your biggest fan (with "the very cool tattoo", haha)

  3. This had to be my favorite Mister Rogers episode, ever! My four-and-a-half year old son and I watched Mister Rogers a couple of weeks ago, and it was such a great surprise to see you reading From Head to Toe and showing how you do your art! A couple of days ago, we painted on tracing paper (not sure if this will work as well as tissue paper), and eventually will make collages with it. Thank you for sharing how you do it. We love your books.

  4. Wow, a photo featuring two extraordinary human beings! What a shot.

    I grew up with Mister Rogers as a kid - he is a hero from my hometown. You just don't see shows like his anymore unfortunately.

  5. We love the episode where you are on Mister Rogers! My sons love your books (right now they are really into the Grouchy Ladybug) and they adore Fred Rogers. We thought it was so special to see the two of you together!

  6. Mr. Carle,
    I am so excited to have discovered your blog. I am a young early chidhood librarian who grew up on Mr. Rogers and Eric Carle books. I can't wait to hear more from you on this blog. Happy 80th year to you and Happy 40th year to our friend the caterpillar. :)


  7. I love love your art and posts! Thanks for being such an inspiration with your work, and taking the time to share it with us all!

    I've put a link to your website on my blog.


    I hope you don't mind!

    Lauren Ashley

  8. Hi :-) My first time here.
    I love that you have a blog. The Caterpillar is one of my all time favourite books :-) Thank you for many lovely reads, and for your beautiful style :-)

  9. Sigh....

    I just found your blog. When I saw this picture, I almost cried. :)

    My older son Andrew (3 1/2 years old) is a huge Mister Rogers fan (he gets that from me), and a huge fan of your books. We have probably watched the "Head to Toe" episode 100 times in the last month. He reads along with his book, and acts out the motions.

    He now points out the end sheets and inside title in every page b/c he learned that from your commentary in the Mister Rogers video. And whenever we read From Head to Toe, he repeats the entire two-way conversation between you and Mister Rogers.

    He's already informed me that for his fourth birthday party, he wants an Eric Carle party. :)

  10. I vaguely remember that episode, but I do remember being excited to see you working in your studio and the drawers full of painted papers for collage. I love your work. And, I miss Mr. Rogers.

  11. Mr. Rogers was the man. For twenty-somethingth birthday a few years ago my mother gave me a wonderful little book called 'Life's Journeys According to Mister Rogers: Things to Remember Along the Way' He really was a special soul who touched so many lives. Thanks for the post!

  12. Hi, I actually was just watching that video. It was wonderful. My daughter and I love doing art together and I love that you share your art process with everyone. Thank you so much. Jennie

  13. Hi, Eric. We worked together in little tiny Ferndale, Washington for Follow Through Program back in the 70s when you and Bill Martin Jr. came to our school, Mountain View Elementary. What a time! You and Bill inspired not only my students, but me! I am now an author of books about art for children. The world is a wonderful colorful place. :)
    MaryAnn F. Kohl