Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All Around the World

I am delighted that my books are enjoyed in different countries and are being read in so many different languages. The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been translated into more than 50 languages! I think that part of the reason it appeals to so many people is because of its hopeful message. Here are a few book covers in a variety of languages from around the world including Greek, Urdu, Arabic, Thai, Chinese, Italian and Russian. Many thanks to all of my foreign publishers for printing my book in your beautiful languages and to readers everywhere!


Kristy said...

How wonderful! We love that sweet munching caterpillar in our home! :)

Hurricane Chelsea said...

Currently I have it in English and German, and I'm working on getting it in Norwegian and Portuguese :) There's a lot of good vocabulary in that book that is easy to learn thanks to the context.
What a wonderful book (just like all Eric Carle books!)

FETE said...
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Belén Junquera said...

Two more:


Thanks for all your books

missy j said...

i know we love it in our home!

saucersrus said...

In doing my end of the year evaluations for the Elementary Spanish program La Oruga Muy Hambrienta was a BIG favorite with my students!!

mgudlewski said...

Hmm...wonder if I can find it someday in German and Irish? Lovely covers!

MISS MOLLY! said...

This is incredibly wonderful!
My art students in Savannah love your books! here is a little video of a brown bear brown bear reading!
thank you for all that you make and do!


Cindy Paul said...

Tres bien for you and this famished creature.

MelindaMarie said...

this is my all time favorite book. Pure genius crosses all language barriers :) xo

Cilee said...

Actually we in Hungary (but I think all around the world we use it when teaching English.
I love your books, and so do my students.
Ildikó from Hungary

gillian.coote said...

Our class is PPC (Pre-Primary) from St Stephen's School in Perth, Western Australia.We have read three of your books - The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The 10 Little Ducks and Draw Me a Star. Oscar liked the pictures, Riley liked the whale singing to the duck and Emma liked the Mummy duck.
We know you have written lots of books but are you going to write more?

gillian.coote said...

Our classroom is next door to PPC. We are called PPB and we have also read three of your books.
Dylan D likes your stories. Jessica would like to read another one of your books. Charla liked the big butterfly at the end of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Chelsea was wondering what do you like about your books?
Bradley thinks it is amazing how you do the art in the books.
We hope you can write to us.

Sassy said...

♫♪♫HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR ERIC♫♪♫HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU♫♪ I have LOVED your books for years!!!!!! You're the best!

giu said...

We read every day "Die Kleine Raupe NImmersatt" (in German, but we are italian!)

Mamma Giulia and baby Martino (5 months old)

ebaah said...

this is one of my favourite book...i always love the cover..sweet caterpillar..it's just so wonderfull..

Teacher Weena said...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is my all time favorite. It has also been the most requested story in all of my 11 years of teaching. Thank you, Eric Carle. You make this world a happier and more colorful place.
love, Teacher Weena

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Just spotted this and thought you might find it interesting: http://sciblogs.co.nz/southern-genes/2012/02/22/review-of-%e2%80%98the-very-hungry-caterpillar%e2%80%99-by-eric-carle/


Suzanamar said...

We love your books!!!
Suzana (from Portugal)

Little Linguist said...

We're pleased to stock lots of Foreign Language editions of your fabulous book at Little Linguist!