Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Bridge

When I was a young boy, leaving home to go to school was a difficult transition for me. So creating books for very young children has been particularly meaningful. I hope my books will help to bridge the world of home to the world inside the classroom and school for children. Wishing you all good beginnings of the new school year. I am grateful to the teachers who help each child make their way.


  1. I know the feeling and your books always helped me with the hardships

  2. We have been reading your books in our classroom as we study insects. We really like the way you illustrate the dragonfly. Reading your books has helped us get smarter. Thank you for writing such great books for us.
    We will be trying out your way of illustrating and making collages by painting tissue paper, and creating our own insects!
    Mrs. Kinner's first graders

  3. Thank you depicting children with different skin tones!