Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What's Your Favorite Animal?

What's Your Favorite Animal? 
A new book with spreads by 14 different children's book artists (I'm one of them) and the proceeds from the book will support the work of The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art!
This image is the cover art for "Favorites." What's your own favorite animal? I hope you will enjoy this collection of favorites, each one so different from the next!


Unknown said...

A beautiful, fun book. Enjoyed the other artists choices and comments.

Caroline and Norm said...

My little granddaughter, Marlie loves Dream Snow and pressing the button at he back. Recently I read Mister Seahorse to her. She loved it but was looking for a button to press that would make bubble sounds.
Caroline from Melbourne Australia

Dana said...

My favorite animal is the humpback whale. My son, Chris, was born in Sitka, Alaska and we used to watch the humpback whales pass by our house. What a sight!

I'm trying to remember if Mr. Carle ever wrote a book about whales. I will need to research this.

I will be a grandmother in several months and it is thrilling to re-discover Eric Carle, one of the most beloved authors of children's picture books.