Friday, December 5, 2008

Resources on web site for teachers and parents

Dear Friends,
I am happy to announce that a new RESOURCES section has been added to the Official Eric Carle web site. I hope you will enjoy the materials and information in this section, including links to on line interviews and a downloadable sheet of instructions on how to make a collage illustration in the style of Eric Carle! You can also still visit the Caterpillar Exchange Bulletin Board. This is a bulletin board where educators can exchange their ideas on how they use my books in the classroom.

My background is in design, not education, but I feel strongly that children should be encouraged to learn in their own particular way and it always means a great deal to me when an educator finds my work valuable in the classroom.

I hope these materials will be useful for you at school or at home!
Eric Carle


Marian said...

Mr Eric Carle, in the school we work we decided to join art and language throw your art books. We are exploring the website and the museum page to get more information cause we think that your books can be an inspiration to create and recreate experiences, ideas, art and literature. Our school is in Argentina, and we will be really proud if you can send our kids message to encourage them to this exciting learning adventure. The email adress is:

paula said...

Mr. Carle, as a kindergarten teacher who loves to share your books with my highly multicultural class I wanted to know if you had any words of wisdom I could share with a highly gifted illustrater in my class? I love to share the connection with them how your kindergarten teacher recognized your special gift and I want to encourage this student I have too. He illustrates way beyond his 6 years of age, he daily brings me creations of art from home and at school. I was hoping you might have some words of wisdom for me to give to him.

ed said...

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