Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've been busy painting new tissue papers

I've been having fun in my studio!


  1. This is an almost if not "most" surreal experience for me. you are such an inspiration to me, although our artwork is different, the love and dedication to it seems to come from the same place. thank you so much for doing what you do. it's so exciting to see the new tissue paper before it is transformed into something, in a way, it already IS something just waiting to BE!

  2. Love it -- can't wait to see your new works made from these.

  3. Hello, Mr. Carle!
    Do you have any advice for painting tissue paper with children? Could you walk me through your process a little bit?

  4. I truly love following your blog. My son and I adore your books and the opportunity for a glimpse into your life is a precious gift. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Your tissues are beautiful; you have such a nice sense of color and texture.

    I have enjoyed your work for such a long time-- it's so nice to come across your blog.

  6. should go to the museum, or at least the website. I know the museum has a video on how he makes his artwork. VERY interesting...then you can go into the studio and do it yourself!

  7. I love it that you share this with us! I see someone asked how you would do this with children. Having been a elementary school teacher and now a grandmother, I suspect you just lay out the tissue paper, have that paint nearby with big brushes handy for little hands and then let fly!

    Is that the way you do it yourself--paint those tissue papers?

  8. After visiting your museum in August (and meeting you! - which brought me to tears...), I have to say that I have been telling everyone about the museum and the movie showing how you create your artwork. I view your books differently now that I've seen the process you use - amazing and inspiring!

    If you are ever in Bellingham, WA (it ranks up there with the Berkshires!)please visit Village Books - our local, very hip, very independent, very kid-friendly bookstore! I have shared your website with all the educators I know and am currently in school to become an elem/special ed. teacher...and I will most-definately use your work to inspire my students! Thank you Mr. Carle.

  9. Dear Eric,
    I came across your blog as over the past few days I have been surfing the net for blogs written by children’s authors, hoping for tips and inspiration. I will shortly be volunteering at a tiny school in the slum area of Bangalore, India. Story telling will be one of my activities. However, story books and story telling will be a new concept here, so I am a bit nervous.
    I launched a story book collection drive, which while still on-going has been successful. Many of your books were put on this wish list and a few are on their way, such as:
    The very hungry caterpillar
    Baby bear, baby bear what do you see
    From head to toe
    Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear
    I am so glad that you and other children’s authors write these wonderful books and help in spreading joy.
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  10. hi eric,
    I love you blogs and like your new work of painting tissue papers.
    This is really fun....

  11. May I please send you my children's manuscripts?
    I think you'll enjoy them.

  12. I love those tissue papers. I saw them and instantly it all fit together for me- the fun, vibrant colors and textures of the tissue papers and in your books. We have a few of your books and my children's favorite right now is Panda Bear Panda Bear What Do You See? My son "reads" it to me (memorized it). Thanks for sharing your talents!!!

  13. Hello Mr Carle,
    We really like your art. We are a Grade 2 and 3 class in New Zealand, our class name is The Wockets of Room Five. We did some of your art and we did some of your animals and we were trying to add texture to our art as well. You are an excellent artist. Thank you for sharing your art with us. We have some questions for you. How many books have you made? Where did you learn to do your style of art? How many tissue papers have you painted? How long did it take you to make the hungry catapillar? What gave you the idea to paint the tissue paper? You can come and see our art on our blog if you would like to. Thank you very much. From The Wockets.

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