Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Memories

From my childhood in Germany, I remember the ADVENT KALENDER. From December 1 to Christmas Eve day each number on the calendar had a little door (paper flap) and each day you would open one of the doors to a picture of the season: snowfall, Christmas ornaments, Angels, Stars, Candles, Cookies and so forth.

On Christmas Eve, we all (kids, parents, grandparents, uncles & aunts) gathered ‘round the WEIHNACHTSBAUM (Christmas Tree), exchanged gifts, wished each other happiness and sang LIEDER (songs) such as OH TANNENBAUM or HEILIGENACHT (Holy Night). One of my grandfathers played the mouth harmonica for background music. I can still smell it just thinking about it: apples and chestnuts roasting on the stove.

Peace to all,
Eric Carle

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dream Snow

I created my book Dream Snow after a two year “sabbatical” from making picture books. During this time away, I created abstract art out of my painted tissue papers. I also used other materials such as silk fabric, plate glass, aluminum foil, and plastic sheathing. When I started making books again, I created Dream Snow, the story of a farmer and his animals, and a celebration of Christmas. You might have noticed that instead of a white background the animals in this book are set in front of bright colorful swatches of painted tissue papers as background.

This was a change from my previous way of working. My time away making abstract art was influencing my book art.

I had always been reluctant about making a Christmas book, but when the idea for my book Dream Snow came to me it seemed impossible to resist.