Friday, June 18, 2010

Under the spell of Lisbeth Zwerger

Many years back, I happened upon one of Lisbeth Zwerger's books for the first time. I knew I was looking at the work of a soulful and unconventional artist and I stood in the bookstore turning the pages of the book in my hands. When I closed the book I had fallen under the spell of one of the finest illustrators of our time, and I experience this each time I open a book by Lisbeth Zwerger. It is a great pleasure and honor that Lisbeth Zwerger's work will be exhibited at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art this summer, starting on June 29th!

Illustration from THE STRANGE CHILD © 1981 by Lisbeth Zwerger


  1. This is Lovely! She is one of my favorite illustrators. I am so thrilled she will have a spot in the museum!

  2. Eric,
    I love your post from May 25th. I recently wrote a story called "The Ladybug and the Ant Become Friends." Though I wasn't experiencing writer's block, (more of an internal emotional crisis) I parallel your process of having given up and subsequently of finding myself recovered and restored after the fact. I sent you a copy of my story and also wrote your friend Eric G. because I'm trying to find a way to get a hold of you. When I re-read my story, it makes me cry, but I feel restored by the end. Would you take a look at it? BTW, it's got some intertextuality; I hope that's ok with you, as I would love for you to illustrate it. It's my top post (June 27).
    --Dianne :)

  3. I have just discovered Lisbeth Zwerger, and I am in love. Her only competition for my heart might be Freya Blackwood.

  4. Lisbeth Zwerger's exhibition at The Eric Carle Museum was truly a hallmark event... and I could not believe how many (85+) beautiful originals graced the wall of the East Gallery in the also-amazing Eric Carle Museum. I was also thrilled for the Museum to hear that her publisher, Michael Neugebauer's will be gifting most of his large personal collection of Lisbeth's work to the permanent Carle collection!

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