Tuesday, June 28, 2011


These are posters I designed before I started to illustrate picture books.

My first job when I was 20 years old was at the Amerika Haus U.S. Information Center in Germany where I worked as a poster designer.

I am still very proud of these and often think of my book covers (and inside pages) as little posters. I hope you will enjoy them!


  1. thank you for sharing. it's exciting to see those works ... i really love the form&colour-combination in the last one ...

    have you been in germany lately?

    all the best, tschüss


  2. Very cool to see! I can see your magic touch in them. My eye is drawn to the center one the most.
    Thanks for sharing! I would love to see your " rough drafts" of any pictures in your books sometime. Did you keep any of those?
    Happy summer days to you,

  3. I love these posters - especially the architecture one! I'm not surprised you're still proud of them :)

  4. as a past graphic designer who is also hoping to follow in your footsteps as a children's book illustrator, I find it so interesting that you link your poster design approach to your book page layouts and also probably why they are so visually strong. Love your poster designs and fascinating how things come full circle as 40's and 50's designs and colourways are really in vogue at the moment. You will never go out of fashion Eric:)

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  6. Thanks for posting these posters. Just fantastic! Would love to see more of them.

    We blogged about it - Hope you like it!


    What an inspiration you are!


  7. I’ve also worked as a poster designer and it’s a great experience! You get to know different people’s personality and from there I can say that being a poster designer in America is never easy; it’s very challenging!
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