Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I did in Massachusetts

I spent a week in Massachusetts this fall, and enjoyed a wonderful visit and book signing at The Carle. Here I am with a young friend who waited patiently in line and presented me with his own book project.

And while in Northampton, MA I spent some time working in my old studio in the building where I created many of my books. But it wasn't a book I was working's a little video if you would to see what I was up to.

Photo credit: Kristin Angel
Video credit: Rachel Hass


  1. Thank you, Mr. Carle, for this peek into your mural process - putting a broom to a new use. I'll think of this next time I sweep my floor!

  2. Looks like fun! I missed seeing you at your museum by just a couple of weeks. Please come visit Austin sometime! We have an awesome bat colony...I'd love to see what kind of interesting bat book you would come up with!
    What a lucky young man...he fulfilled something on MY bucket list!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Mr. Carle!
    I'm thankful for you!

  3. Dear Mr Carle
    How lovely to see your blog, and to see some of your work that I had not seen before.
    I will always remember what you wished for on Desert island Discs, 'another colour'.
    You are an inspiration.
    Very best wishes

  4. I'm so happy I found your blog!

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  6. Do you think you will be back in MA this year? My mom was a first grade teacher for 35 years and your books were her all time favorite. The same is true with myself and now my two little ones. We cant wait to hopefully try to make it up to MA (we live in CT) to meet you and have a book signed. Definitely on my bucket list!!! You are so talented!