Thursday, January 19, 2012

Land of pelicans and palm trees

We are back in Florida and very happy and appreciative of the quiet life we lead here. The sky is blue and the air is warm. Bobbie and I both feel very fortunate to be here in the land of pelicans and lizards, palm trees and sunshine.


  1. Welcome back Mr. and Mrs. Carle! My students and I love to have you so time you are passing through central Florida, we'd love to say "hi" to our favorite picture book artist!!
    May the pelicans and blue sky bring you lots of inspiration.
    Love from,
    The Villages Charter Elementary and
    Mrs. Broaderick

  2. It's Britney form kinkaid school is your artwork hard to do.
    But it still looks amazing!!!

  3. sounds good.
    my husband flies back from there tomorrow.
    back to oregon and plenty of rain.
    enjoy the sunny days, you two!