Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A View of the Trees

In January, I shared my collage picture of palm trees. These are the actual palm trees I see from our window. We are enjoying the view of them in the calm and warm breeze.


  1. I just read 10 Little Rubber Ducks to my daughter's pre-school class and they all loved it. Thank you for your wonderful books!!

  2. Just started my third grade art students on a spring picture. They had to create their own painted papers for the birds,butterflies,etc... showed them the photos of your studio and how you paint tissue paper from your web site. They were amazed that you could paint the tissue paper without it ripping! Also showed them a clip of you painting a large mural piece. My students loved that you were painting with a broom! I told them it's just like a really big brush! They were so excited to start after seeing your work! Thank you for all your books and beautiful illustrations! My children grew up with them and my daughter (13 yrs old ) still has The Very Quiet Cricket and all her other Eric Carle stories on her bookshelf and still reads them!

  3. I am so excited to start an Eric Carle author's study with my 1st graders this next week. Do you have any ideas of where I can go to get some fabulous resources? I will definitely show them this blog, and we will read a ton of your books. I just didn't know if you knew of anything else interesting I should be sure that they not miss:)

    I just watched the speech you gave at Harvard - loved all you said about your first school - the light, the fat paintbrushes, the large paper, and growing up exploring with your dad, under rocks, bark, etc. Great Job!!!

    Thanks for all you do - super inspirational!!!