Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy August!


  1. I want this art on my wall! Love, Love, Love it! :)

  2. It's the best part of "Back to School"; we spend our first weeks learning about you and your wonderful art in my classroom - we so enjoy your work - thank you Mr. Carle!! ;O)
    Melle Broaderick
    Art Teacher
    The Villages Charter School, FL

  3. We ran into you today with our 8 month old twin girls at the lake but we were in a hurry and I wish we could have spoken to you more. Thank you for your books Mr. Carle, our family enjoys them immensely. I have been reading Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See to my girls since they were about 2 months old and I really think it is their favorite with the bright illustrations and repetition. Their eyes light up when I read it. Thank you again for your work and love for children.

  4. Yes! I thought you looked familiar. I have Brown Bear, Brown Bear memorized, and my wife read it to the girls on the way home from the lake. It was a pleasure to meet you.