Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cats in the Family

This is my cat Fiffi from ages ago when I lived in New York City whose favorite place was in a pewter bowl on my work table where she kept me company.

And here is another friend in the cat family, my Green Lion!


  1. I have a helper dog who lays at my feet as he wouldn't fit in a pewter cup. Your cats are just perfect. I like the choice of green for the lion. You don't see that very often. They are usually an imperial yellow, regal red or majestic purple. This makes the King seem like he empathizes with the plight of his kingdom. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The cat is beautiful but the Green Lion is just wonderful!

  3. Fiffi looks exactly like my cat Truffy (aka Truffle)! Such a sweet picture! I'm always glad when people have black cats, as they still are not very popular due to prejudice.