Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all! Here I am with my Mother when I was 10 years old on vacation in the Black Forest. I remember being very happy to be with my parents in the country. This photo was taken in 1939 just before the war began. It was our first and last family vacation.


  1. Dearest Eric,
    I tried to write to you just now but my commented didn't publish. Here I go again.

    Since you've posted about your beautiful mother for Mother's Day, perhaps you might consider this request from a mother/grandmother. Could you please bring back the edition that says, "I see a mother looking at me"? Teachers are wonderful (I am one) but mothers are irreplaceable.
    Donna Stanley McEvoy

  2. Beautiful picture, Mr. Carle! I am sorry, though, that it was your first and last family vacation.
    I have loved your work since I was a little girl, and I cannot wait to meet you at App State in July!

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  4. It must be bitter-sweet to think back on that time of your life; I can only imagine. Your mother looked like a very kind person.Thank you for sharing this personal photo, Eric.