Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Spring!


  1. Happy spring Eric! Glad to meet you at our organic market the Urbn Grdn in Islamorada. You made my day. See you next time you come down. Regards, Robert (the juice guy) and my family, Aileen and Aidan.

    Ps: Here's a link to the photo: Photo

  2. Happy Spring Mr.Carle
    So excited to meet you in May at your Museum. You are my son's hero. He reads your books everyday. He loves your work and thinks you are the greatest artist. He paints and draws daily because he dreams of becoming an author and illustrator just like you when he grows up. I can't express enough how thrilled he is that he is going to meet you.... Thank you for bringing him so much joy!!!!

  3. Happy Spring Mr. Eric Carle. We have been reading your books all year in kindergarten and we LOVE them. We like your stories and pictures in all the books. It is hard to pick a favorite. We would love to meet you sometime. :) Thank you for making some awesome books!
    Mrs. Ryan's Kindergarten Class