Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tea and Bread

Tea and bread are two of my favorite things to drink and eat


  1. What a cozy illustration! Once again, another winner Mr. Carle. Thank you for your talent and blessing the lives of so many around the world with your work.

  2. What a wonderful feeling in this picture! So warm, joyful and cozy. I'm Russian, and we indeed drink lots and lots of tea and eat lots and lots of bread, traditionally. Here is to you - as I am having a cup of chamomile tea, dear Eric!

  3. Dear Mr. Carle,

    I love your latest picture posted on Jan. 14th, as I am literally sitting here with my son researching your work eating toast and drinking tea :).
    (I just happen to stumble upon this blog as we are researching you online)

    I am teaching my son, Dylan, about your background and art techniques by watching some Youtube videos and reading your books, as he recently sprouted an interest in learning your techniques.

    He is 5 years old and absolutely loves your books especially The Very Lonely Firefly and Pancakes, Pancakes!. My personal favorite is Mister Seahorse.

    Thank you for inspiring my son and millions of other young artists and writers world wide.


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  5. Dear Mr. Carle,
    My son loves tea, so I appreciate your picture illustration. Thank you for the inspirational colors and pictures. Very inspirational. Violet Brown

  6. Lovely colors! Great self portrait! I wish the walls in my home could all look like this feels.

  7. Dear Mr. Carle,

    Tea and Bread, indeed! Beautiful.

    I am the Executive Director of Colorado Kids Create, Inc. Our website is

    This is the 3rd year that we have provided a drawing contest for Colorado students based on a theme song. Our first e-book
    is available on Amazon entitled "Colorado Kids Create Happy Trails." 100% of the proceeds goes toward Art Scholarships.

    After perusing the site, would you please contact me at your earliest convenience? We Highly regard your expertise
    and life's work.

    Enjoy your day,

    Natalie Myers

  8. Bread is also one of my favorite things, Mr. Carle. Not so much tea, but bread is excellent for the soul.