Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Mother's Day to All!


  1. I love this. I just do. Thank you Mr. Carle for irrevokably influencing me, so that I began allowing myself to paint, to play with children's stories, to just create for the joy of--with PAPERS I paint--at 60 years old. You have inspired mothers, as well as children!

  2. I ADORE your artwork and style of illustration!!! I JUST discovered and read, "A House for Hermit Crab", © 1987. The energetic presentation first grabbed my interest so I carted the book happily home adding it to my personal 'children's library'. I just read the story aloud to my husband over breakfast and am filled with delight with this merry tale about the often uncomfortable idea of change. Hermit Crab's affable collection of friends, each with their own gifting and willingness to live in community, bring much satisfaction to this sweet story. Your artwork is joy-filled and wonderfully presented!! VERY inspirational as I adore dabbling with watercolor and simply dropping or splattering pigment on different papers. I was excited to recognize the collage-style before reading that disclosure on your blog. FREEDOM in artistic expression!! Thank you for using your gifts and talents in such a positively influential way with children and adults alike!