Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A few days in Cambridge

Last week Bobbie and I spent a few days in Cambridge MA where I was invited to speak at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. It was an honor to be invited by such a prestigious institution and the whole event was a delight. I spoke about my life and work and gave a slide show presentation.

The title of my talk was The Education of a Good Picture Writer. Afterward, there was a Q&A and students and teachers and children spoke and I tried to answer their questions. Then I signed books and enjoyed meeting some of the students and people who attended the talk. A few teachers brought beautiful collage art work their students had made. It was a lovely spring weekend in Cambridge, the trees were blooming and we had a chance to visit with friends and enjoy the season. Now we are back in Florida enjoying the quiet rhythm of our life at home.


  1. My grandfather, Lewis Ward, taught at Harvard. He would have been 101 this year.
    He was born in Ceylon and went to boarding school in Southern India.
    As a teenager he came back to the US on his own and worked on a farm while attending high school. He attended Yale University and many years later ended up at Harvard.
    Why am I telling you this?
    You remind me of him in a way. I do not know you except through your books (which we own most).
    My grandfather was passionate, intelligent, creative, innovative and inspiring.
    He was my living saint ;o).
    Your books have brought so many of those qualities into our house and minds.
    Thanks is not enough but I will start there!
    ~andrea freeman

  2. How blessed those people were to get to hear you speak. I just want you to know that my mother read me your books and now I read them to my children and to the children in the neighborhood. One of their favorites is the Very Busy Spider becasue they can touch it. You have touched our lives forever.

  3. I met your picture books about 5 years ago.
    My husband read me your books to improve my skill of Japanese language.( we are international couple)
    I had a lot of fun with your books even though I was 25 years old. Someday I will read and show your beautiful picture books to my children.
    I really like your illustrations.
    But I don't know the reason:)
    Thank you for giving me beautiful times.

  4. I am attending Harvard as an adult through the Extension School. Oh, how sad I am to have missed you in Cambridge. An event that certainly would have been worth a special trip. However, I, too, live in FL where it is beautiful (and hot!). Welcome back.