Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some of my friends

Here are some of my friends who recently came to visit. The egret is sitting on our fence; the pelican is resting on our dock.

And Whitey, a stray cat who has been paying us regular visits for some time now.


  1. I love your friends, especially the birds. You all live in such a great place to watch them.

    Your work is alive and well out there. An artist friend's four year old came in to our studio yesterday with a hand made caterpillar inspired by your book! Its a thread that runs through the lives of more than one generation. Thank you!

  2. How fun to have special friends like that! Will they turn into a story??? I just received your book The Tiny Seed through scholastic and it was a pleasant surprise that for only $1 I got a full sized, well made, nice paper, book! Thanks for making your great work affordable - what an amazing treat!!! I buy your books at full price too - that's how much I love them!!!!

  3. What wonderful creatures right at your home! I love pelicans - and Whitey looks beautiful and content.

  4. Obviously, they are drawn to you. :) It looks as if they have a beautiful place to hang out as well. I hope you'll drop by my blog sometime. It's called On The Lap and it is to help promote Children's Literacy. It's just a pet project I recently started. I think you'd like it.

    Keep tweeting because, I love to read your posts!

  5. Wonderful friends you have there. I have been reading your books to my children since last 8 yrs (that is when my first child was born).

    I have two blogs - (dedicated to book reviews )
    and (short stories for children)

    I would be honoured if you visit the blogs.

  6. Sometimes I wish I was alone with my friends and all the people would go away!Such honest and beautiful pure creatures. Animals did not deserve humans!