Thursday, October 6, 2011

Carle Honors 2011

The Carle Honors is a very special tradition now. It is The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art's annual celebration and award ceremony and this year's was as delightful as ever and very meaningful to the recipients of the awards, the Museum board of directors and staff, Bobbie and myself and all who care about the Museum. This year the Carle Honors were given to Michael Di Capua (Mentor), Jeanne Steig (Angel), Karen Nelson Hoyle (Bridge) and Lois Ehlert (Artist). Here's a photo taken during the award ceremony that captures the beauty of the building where the elegant event was held for the second time, Guastavino's built under the 59th Street bridge in New York City.

Next year the Museum will be 10 years old and Nancy Schön, who was a Carle Honor recipient in 2010, unveiled her beautiful bronze maquette of The Very Hungry Caterpillar which will be available for sale as part of the Museum's anniversary year. Here I am saying hello to my good friend!

Photos by Johnny Wolf Photography (c) 2011 The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art


  1. I hope I can visit the museum one day! What a beautiful ceremony! You are truly a remarkable person, Mr. Carle! We made very hungry caterpillars this week and the kids LOVED it! you can see them here!

  2. Your books were my childhood. End of.

  3. I grew up with many of your books. They continue to be in my most treasured collection. Now I am a teacher, and I have the opportunity to introduce your books to many of my students.

    My Pre-Kindergarten class in Georgia is enjoying our two week author study on your books. I read your books to my students throughout the year, but we do a special study on your works each year.

    Many of my students are sadly not read to much at home, thus my classroom's story time is often their first experience with your books. I love seeing their eyes light up at your beautiful illustrations and hearing them as they learn the words and help me "read" along. Many of them tell me they have gone home and asked their parents to get the books for them to keep at home.

    Thank you for all your wonderful books that I can share with my students.

    Many thanks,
    Cheryl Cate